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Mike Timmermans

Are you looking for extra cashflow?

Do you own a one ton pickup or more?

Are you experienced in towing large trailers, backing up, and not hitting an overpass? (Yeah, don’t ask….)

Do you have land to park a 50′ trailer or two

Becoming a Bleacher Rentals partner might be for you!

Here are the qualifications:

1. High integrity; honest, punctual, organized, self-disciplined

2. Industrious, resourceful, can fix minor problems with trailers and hydraulics

3. Growth-minded, able to learn and grow with our company

Do you have what it takes? Here’s how it works:

A. We do all the marketing.
We market to schools, events, etc.

B. We notify you of new events.
The moment someone books an event, we notify you directly, and confirm with your schedule.

C. You deliver and set up the bleacher on location.
Our bleachers hook up to a one ton pickup. You drive to the location, park at the designated location, and install the bleachers (which is easy to do, because they’re all hydraulic).

D. You get paid.
We pay for driving and installing, commission on events you refer to us, and even give discounts for your own events!

Here’s what you get:

  1. New mobile bleacher trailers that are fully maintained and up to current building codes
  2. Liability insurance to provide bleachers to events
  3. Damage, fire, and theft insurance coverage on bleacher trailers
  4. Training on how to deliver, set up, and tear down bleacher units
  5. You can use these bleachers for your own events for a fraction of the usual rental rates
  6. Booking software for invoicing and quoting events
  7. An experienced bleacher rentals mentor who can guide you through each process
  8. A list of current and upcoming events which may require bleachers in your area
  9. Access to our entire fleet of bleachers to service any size of event (subject to availability)
  10. Commission on each event you find and refer

Here are your next steps:

A. Fill out a simple online application form (below),

B. Tell us why you’re a great candidate.

C. We’ll send you our confidential partnership compensation breakdown.

D. Mike, our owner, will personally call you to discuss the opportunity, and answer all your questions.

Sound good? Let’s get started!

Please fill out all the fields in the five-part form below and we will respond within a few weeks.

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