Bleacher Rentals Ontario– Providing events with state-of-the-art bleacher seating, on time and on budget.

Bleacher Rentals is the leader in event seating in Ontario. From fairs to sports and more, our seats can’t be beat!
Whether you need seating for 10 or 10,000, Bleacher Rentals has the professional seating solution you need.


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The Bleacher Rentals Ontario Advantage:

Simple: We make renting bleachers easy… from getting a quote to set up, we make it simple!

State of the Art: Our bleachers are clean, safe, and meet all building codes. we can also connect multiple sets of portable grandstands together.

Size: We are the largest mobile bleacher rental company in North America, and we have the largest mobile grandstands available!


At Bleacher Rentals, delivery, set up and take down are always included!

Local Service With National Support – Bleacher Rentals is not a one-size-fits-all event seating provider – our Ontario team will consult with you to determine your needs and provide a solution that fits. No matter how big the event, Bleacher Rentals can handle it! All of the Bleacher Rentals locations work together to ensure that our inventory is always where it needs to be, when it needs to be there.

Mobile Grandstands – If you’re looking for temporary seating for a fair, sporting event, awards ceremonies, rodeo, grand opening or any other event, Bleacher Rentals can provide clean, safe, attractive comfortable seating for any size gathering!

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The Bleacher Rentals Ontario Story

We started Bleacher Rentals because we saw a need for safe and affordable mobile bleachers, when we were planning our own event. Our mission is to provide events with safe, quality bleachers, at the best price possible.

We currently host and promote our own yearly rodeo event, every July at our farm in Simcoe, Ontario. As event planners, we know the importance of keeping events costs as low as possible, while hiring safe and reliable contractors to help make a successful event.

One of our biggest challenges when we began was to find affordable and safe bleachers to rent. As a result, we decided to purchase a few mobile bleachers that we could use and rent out to other local events in Southwestern Ontario. If we needed it, others must too. We started out with only 4 bleacher trailers – the number of seats we needed ourselves. In a very short time, we became the go-to company for bleacher rentals in and around Toronto and SW Ontario. This showed us that there was a huge need in the market for our product.

We help events to be safe, profitable and accomodate as many spectators as possible. At the same time, we strive to make the process simple, with our exceptional customer service.

Bleacher Rentals is now the fastest-growing mobile bleacher rental company in North America. We provide an exceptional product – it is safe, looks professional, and we can set up in only 15 minutes per unit! This quick setup allows us to be competitive in our pricing.

We have a variety of different sized bleachers to suit the needs of different events. Our bleachers can seat from 20 – 450 people each. Our largest units are 15 rows high, which allows for maximum seating in front of your most popular shows.

If you are looking for bleachers, give us a call. We would be happy to chat and give you a free quote. If we don’t have enough seats for your event, we will help you find them.

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