When it Comes to Bleachers, SIZE MATTERS!


These are bleachers…

4 row bleachers

But so are these…


What do YOU need at your event?

I’m guessing it’s somewhere between the pictures above!

When you need bleachers for an event, there is often a space restriction to consider. How much frontage is there available in front of the action? How many seats can you fit into that area?

For example, if you run a rodeo with a 250-foot-long arena, you only have 250 feet of frontage on each side. How many seats can you fit into that area?

Here’s an example (with an arena diagram I pulled from

It depends on a few factors … but mostly: how tall are your bleachers?

If you have 500 total feet of space for bleachers you could fit:

5-rows: 1665 people*

10-rows: 3330 people

15-rows: 4995 people


*(500’ x 12 = 6000” of length / 18” per seat = 333 seats/ row x 5 rows =1665 seats total)

*Bleacher “seats” are measured at 18” each along the planks. This is dictated by the International Building Code. Generally, people don’t get quite that cozy, so make sure you take this into account when planning the number of seats you need!

*This basic math doesn’t include walkways/stairs, which are required by code.

If you want to be able to seat more people, you need to go higher!

Currently, the largest mobile bleachers available on the market are 15 rows high (50 feet long).

Of course, not every event is in the same boat, and sometimes little bleachers have a place too! Having these different options is an advantage of working with a large mobile bleacher rental company, with a variety of inventory in their fleet. We have bleacher options from 4 rows to 15 rows.

15 row mobile bleachers

Bleacher Rentals has the largest mobile bleachers available for rent, AND we cover the largest geographic area of any mobile bleacher rental company in North America.

Why does geographic coverage matter to you? If you only run events at 1 location, it might not. But, if you run events at multiple locations, potentially in different states/ provinces, it definitely does! When you can work with one company for all your rental seating needs, things get a little simpler… and that’s important for event organizers!

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